Online yEnc Encoder / Decoder Tool

Support for multi-part yEnc files has been added. To decode such files simply place all parts in one file in the correct order. Irrelevant headers and data will be omitted.

If you encounter any errors with this tool attaching the file that causes problems.


yEnc is a binary-to-text encoding scheme for transferring binary files in messages on Usenet or via e-mail. It reduces the overhead over previous US-ASCII-based encoding methods by using an 8-bit Extended ASCII encoding method. yEnc's overhead is often as little as 1-2%, compared to 33%-40% overhead for 6-bit encoding methods like UUencode and Base64.

With decreased overhead, the encoded message body is smaller. Therefore, the message can be delivered faster and requires less storage space.

An additional advantage of yEnc over previous encoding methods, such as uuencode and Base64, is the inclusion of a CRC checksum to verify that the decoded file has been delivered intact.

yEnc was created and released into the public domain by Jurgen Helbing in 2001.

(Source: Wikipedia)