Online XXencoder / XXdecoder Tool

If you encounter any errors with this tool attaching the file that causes problems.


Xxencode is an obsolete binary-to-text encoding similar to Uuencode which uses only the alphanumeric characters, and the plus and minus signs. It was invented as a means to transfer files in a format which would survive character set translation.

(Source: Wikipedia)

How do XXdecode multi-part XXencoded files

Simply merge all parts into one. You can truncate all the unnecessary headers or leave them in place - it doesn't matter since this XXdecode tool skips irrelevant data. You can paste the data directly into the textarea or prepare a single file off-line using any plain-text editor and upload it.

Recognizing files encoded using XXencode

The best indicator that a file is encoded by XXencode is the .XXE (or sometimes .XX) extension.
Another simple test is checking if all lines (possible except the last one) begin with the 'h' character.

A file encoded with XXencode usually starts with a header line of the form:

begin <mode> <file>

Where <mode> is the file's Unix read/write/execute permissions (irrelevant for windows users), and <file> is the name to be used when decoding the file using XXdecode.

The end of xxencoded data is marked by a single trailing line of the following format: