Web Utils is a simple service for webmasters, programmers and average internet users. From time to time I do some pretty simple stuff that requires writing a basic script or snippet of code so I decided to gather popular converters, encoders / decoders - simple utilities in general in one place.

All tools work with direct plain text input as well as with user uploaded files (both in plain text and binary format).

At the moment the site contains the following utilities:

  • Code manipulation tools - This section groups tools that are commonly used for manipulating source code.
  • Basic encoders/decoders Updated - You can find the biggest collection of on-line Usenet and Email releated binary-to-text encoders and text-to-binary decoders here. Support for binary and multi-part files is available in most tools. Additionally this sections contains other web related utilities.
  • Hash calculators - A set of tools calculating hash values using the most popular algorithms and modes.
  • Checksum calculators - Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) calculators.
  • Offline tools - Offline tools.

I'm planning to continuously add new functionality so check this site from time to time. If you have an idea for a simple tool that could be added on this site -

Last updated: 15.07.2008

15.07.2008 - Updates

Added a chasrset/codepage converting utility.

07.07.2008 - Updates

Added a BinHex encoding/decoding tool.
Improved the StripTags tool - replaced the utility with an external class.
Added a Google Custom search in the upper right corner of the page.
Added the Links section - If you know about a interesting site please let me know.

29.06.2008 - Updates

Added a tool for deleting blank(empty) lines.
Added base64 encoded hash outputs to all hash calculating utilities.
Added source code downloads in MD-5, SHA-1, Haval and Tiger hash calculating tools.
Added new hash calculating tools (Haval, Tiger, Crypt)